• Q4: Do I need a license when I perform ribosome display using PUREfrex®?

    If you perform ribosome display using a commercially available PUREfrex® kit, you do not need a license.

    However, when using a customized PUREfrex® reaction solution, you need a license according to the purpose, so please contact us in advance.

  • Q3 Is it possible to optimize the PUREfrex reaction solution for our owned protein / peptide libraries?

    Yes. It is possible.

    The optimization condition also depends on your library and target.

    Please note that before using the reaction solution optimized for ribosome display, there is a limitation and a license agreement may be required depending on its purpose of use.

  • Q2 Is it possible to perform ribosome display using a commercially available PUREfrex® kit?

    We introduce the paper published by Takuya Ueda of the University of Tokyo who developed the PURE system which is the basic technology of PUREfrex®.

    In this paper, a reaction solution contains Release factors same as the commercially available PUREfrex® kit. Therefore the stop codon is removed from the library.

    J Biochem(2009)145(5):693-700 Osada

    In addition, we recommend that you refer to the above mentioned paper especially the composition of buffers for ribosome display selection even when using a commercially available PUREfrex® kit.

    Sometimes the ribosome display may not work as expected since the commercially available PUREfrex® kit is optimized for protein synthesis.

    Please contact us for any questions or concerns.

  • Q1: Do you sell kits for ribosome display with PUREfrex? Or are you planning to sell it?

    Kit for ribosome display is not on sale.
    There will be no sales schedule in the future.