Antibody drugs GFC101

GeneFrontier’s Anti-CD69 Antibody for steroid-resistant asthma

  • Huge and growing market (300mil patients in WW, 5-10% of which are severe asthma). Asthma and COPD will be >$40bil in 2017.
  • Steroid is widely used, but severe asthma is steroid-resistant, and it occupies 50% of the healthcare cost in asthma. No appropriate drug for non-atopic or non-allergic asthma (neutrophils predominate).
  • CD69 is known as an early inflammation marker positioned at very upstream of the pathway in asthma, and shown that it is an exacerbating factor of inflammation.
  • GFC101 is the only fully human antibody, derived from HuCAL, against CD69 with cross reactivity to hCD69 and mCD69.
  • Remarkable therapeutic effects are shown in vivo including steroid-resistant model.
  • GFC101 has potential to be used with pulmonary administration.
  • GFC101 has potential of therapeutic effect not only for the asthma but also for COPD, Colitis and RA.
  • Preliminary tox study with mouse shows good safety profile.