Antibody drugs GFC201

GeneFrontier’s Anti-ADAM28 Antibody for NSCLC with broad spectrum

  • NSCLC market is growing (over $6bil in 2020).
  • TKIs are working well but only for limited population, and drug resistance is a problem.
  • Immunomodulatory agents are getting hot but still with limited response rate and the combination with tumor targeting agents are to be considered.
  • ADAM28 is widely expressed in NSCLC (>70% patients), potentially targeting broad spectrum.
  • ADAM28 had been a promising but difficult target for small molecule due to the lack of specificity in large MMP and ADAM family. GFC201 is the first fully human antibody, derived from HuCAL, against ADAM28 with high specificity.
  • Remarkable therapeutic effects are shown by in vivo model even as a monotherapy (Suppressing tumor growth as well as metastasis).
  • Non-clinical safety data supports the strategy to target ADAM28.
  • GFC201 has better efficacy than anti-VEGF mAb which is clinically used in NSCLC.
  • Combination therapy and preliminary tox study with NHP is on-going.