Monoclonal Antibody Seeds

Phage display based

We are collaborating with MorphoSys AG who is famous for their promising technology called HuCAL® (Human Combinatorial Antibody Library). Now we are developing our own unique therapeutic antibodies derived from HuCAL through the collaboration with Japanese Academia.

  Target Indication Stage
GFC101 CD69 Inflammatory diseases
(Asthma, COPD, Colitis, RA, etc.)
Pre-clinical Detail
GFC201 ADAM28 Oncology
(Breast, Lung cancers)
Pre-clinical Detail
GFC301 ADAMTS4 Arthritis
(RA, OA)
R&D Detail

New Biologics Seeds

PUREfrex® RD based

Natural amino acid based cyclic peptides were generated with PUREfrex® RD, and utilized for further development as a hit for peptide drug, or fused with existing biologics such as IgG or domain antibody for high functionalization.

Cyclic Peptides projects <Detail>

 No. Target Stage
No.1 CTLA-4 (inhibitor) Lead optimization
No.2 Her2 Lead optimization
No.3 EGFR Lead optimization
No.4 Erk2 Lead optimization
No.5 IL-6 (inhibitor) Lead optimization
No.6 TNF-α Under screening
No.7 Herceptin Hit identification for Mimotope

New Biologics projects <Detail>

 No. Construct Stage
No.1 anti-CTLA-4 pep / anti-PD-1 dAb Lead optimization
No.2 anti-Her2 pep / anti-Her2 dAb Under construction
No.3 anti-IL-6 pep / anti-TNF-α dAb Under construction
No.4 anti-Erk2 pep / GFP Available for R&D (Imaging tool)

(dAb: domain antibody)

Small molecule projects <Detail>

 No. Target Stage
No.1 CTLA-4 Hit identification
No.2 IL-6 Under construction